Welcome to Chango Music Design 

Trading brand of UK composer and music producer Angus McLeod.

Consider any outstanding film or documentary. 

Nine times out of ten the score behind it is equally outstanding. American Beauty, Apocalypse Now, Six Feet Under, Planet Earth all demonstrate this superbly.

As a composer, innovator, music producer and creative director at Chango Music Design, I apply that same attention to detail, daring and creative experimentation within the audio field.

We create inspirational, bespoke music and audio.

We produce music and audio for  tv, film, stage and advertising.

Through an extensive network of artists, we pull in the right musicians to create the right music to hit your brief.

Through our collective experiences we have the musical innovation and technological know-how to create genuinely original music that guarantees your product stand out from the crowd.


We’re flexible. We hit deadlines. We’re talented.

And we’re good to work with. Get in touch.

Have a listen. We think the tunes speak for themselves.

Angus McLeod, Chango Music Design



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Deep into a great project arranging and producing a piece to be performed at Nottingham Concert hall with some fantastically talented young people. A 20 piece jazz band, 17 individual artists, and 4 singing groups and a conductor that really likes to dance in the middle. I’m loving the dancing conductor role!! 2 weeks to go and its really starting to come together.

Just starting an exciting project with the BBC Concert Orchestra to produce an amazing performance with young people with learning difficulties using iPad technology and sequencing software. Performance to take place in February. Really ambitious and exciting programme. Im working with some guys who have some pretty debilitating physical difficulties but with the iPad they can play a cello.. Pretty difficult though to watch the conductor! iPads aren’t great when it comes to feeling the notes! .. challenging

Having just had the screening for a feature film I scored Devil’s Tower with Jason Mewes and Roxanne Pallet, it feels good to finally have the music out there. This week saw it’s US release and it is now out there on Virgin Movies which is great news.

This month also saw the release of a new Film Score construction pack I wrote for Samples and loops company Samplephonics. Really happy with the end result. Check out the excerpts below for a flavour.

Everything now completed on BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE  short film for the #youarefootball campaign. Great to work with Production company INDY8 on it and it should be out there really shortly. Epic Drums, Soaring Choral vocals and a phat bassline. What you want for your shorts!!

Putting together the final touches on a new Production Album for Brightons Leading music library Liftmusic. Almost there now with the piece. It’s all in a Factual documentary theme which has been challenging in making music that can work as a bed, sounds great, but not TOO great that it will distract from the main content. Been getting some great new tunes together with collaborator Stevie ‘Fingers’ Pike on the slide guitar. Amazing dobro sounds from Alabama. Sounds incredible!

Run has now finished for Derby Theatres youth play The Chysalids by John Wyndham which I was given the job of scoring. Really exciting dark post apocalyptic world. Lots of really dark sounds using Uber-timestretch programmes to create some chilling tones. Best one so far being my freezer slowed down 8.37 times. Very spooky! Worked out great with some really good houses.

Finally looks like some good things are on the cards for Zeamu Music with some huge investors stateside looking to get involved and see if we can break into China. Could be amazing ..Watch this space. Great Music written for Kids.. it’s gotta happen hasn’t it!