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Recent News

Chromatic Brands TV ad

The most recent lockdown endeavour has been creating a TV ad for a company to be released in the spring. I can’t say for who it is yet but I’m really happy with how it’s come out. It was a really interesting process going through a number … actually a s***load of iterations and then going back to the drawing board before reaching the final edit. Loads of sampling and a Laurie Anderson crossed with Steve Reich style hit the mark and left all concerned chuffed with how it turned out. Can’t release it yet but should be on tv in May/ June  ’21!!

The Music Supervisors

Another interesting an exciting development was being taken on by The Music Supervisors agency as a composer on their roster. This has been great to be working on a new album of Serenity tracks. This should be coming out sometime in the summer. This piece below was our first endeavour together.


The Reegroup Hour –  with Henny Flynn

So despite all the craziness of lockdown it has been a really interesting time for me to work with life coach and therapist Henny Flynn her podcast, The Reegroup Hour. This has been really interesting to be involved in the process of creating a podcast and writing pieces to go with spoken word. This playlist includes some of the music written for the podcast.


Reegroup Playlist

Winter Wonderland by Hubbub Theatre Derby 

Just finished  work with the lovely Hubbub Theatre from Belper, Derbyshire on their latest show. It’s had a lovely winter theme and Hubbub are a lovely group of people to be working. A mixture of nice clear crisp ice sounds for the cold and some warm pizzicatos for the animals worked nicely, all backed up by a selection of mysterious drones and tones set the scene.

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde – Wrongsemble Theatre company Leeds

Really buzzed to have just completed scoring the classic children’s story, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. The score ended up being a mix of great songs that took inspiration from all over. One of the tracks giving  a nod to Detroit based singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens and went down really well. The others had a magical and mysterious kind of feel that worked well for the general ominous vibe created by the giant. It will be showing throughout the country as it has now started a tour and will continue doing so until Xmas when It may, fingers crossed end up in the Lake district as an xmas show.

 The Jungle Book Co-production Action Transport Theatre and Unity Theatre Liverpool

Just finished my work as musical director on  Unity Theatres xmas production of The Jungle Book  in Liverpool. It was a co production with Action Transport Theatre and the amazing director Nina Hajiyianni. The whole experience has been fantastic and there have been some lovely reviews. Turned out to be an epic in terms of score. Huge amount of cues and some big songs. Responses have been grand.

Amongst the puppets, imaginative set and four very talented actors, is a beautiful script adapted by Kevin Dyer. There is enough comedy to make the kids giggle and with a wonderful score by Angus McLeod, The Jungle Book really is a gorgeous piece of storytelling” Liverpool Arts Scene 06/12/2017 Janie Philllips : LAS Rating: ****


OpenWorks Theatre London

Excited to have been given the role of working on a score for a play looking at Kids in Care called Lost in the shadows. It’s being produced by a london based Theatre company, Openworks Theatre and should be great to be involved in.

Tribe Arts Theatre Company, Bradford

Great to have just finished working with Tribe Arts theatre company again on a really powerful piece, Nikah, a play about forced marriage of men within the Pakistani community. Great experience also working with master flautist Waqas Choudhary & his extraordinary selection of Bansuris. Had a great run in Bradford and London to lovely responses.

FaceUp Theatre Derby

Great to have just finished production of the children’s play ‘Augustus and his smile’. FaceUp Theatre were great to work and the response has been grand. Working with master flautist Waqas Choudhary, an extraordinary musician from Nottingham has also been a privilege and a joy. The play is set in the Indian Subcontinent so some of the score has a SE Asian feel to it. Looking forward to phase two and taking it out on the road LIVE!!

Here were a few great words from the director, Ian Pringle:-

“Overall your contribution to this project has been utterly perfect. The music and sound is working brilliantly. I would definitely recommend you to other companies and directors. Your commitment, hard work and enthusiasm is just great I am so pleased I made the decision to invite you to compose for this project and I will definitely be inviting you to do more in the future.I am very much looking forward to developing our artistic collaborations further”

Lift Music, Brighton

Early part of the year has also seen the final touches on a number of tracks for a selection of production albums for Brighton’s Leading music library Liftmusic. It’s all in a factual documentary theme which has been a great challenge in making music that can work as a bed, sounds great, but not TOO great that it will distract from the main content. Been getting some great new tunes together with collaborator Stevie ‘Fingers’ Pike on the slide guitar. Amazing dobro sounds from Alabama. Sounds incredible!

Tribe Arts, Bradford

Really excited to be working with up and coming  theatre company, Tribe Arts. Tribe arts are Asian/Afro Caribbean company that work out of Bradford, are really ambitious and have some really exciting plans for their next production in the Autumn. The track below is the one that won me the contract to score their launch event.

County Youth Arts, Mansfield

I have just orchestrated a project and then conducted the 75 young artists performing at the Nottingham concert hall. My role was to arrange the piece, recording an rehearsing the 75 musicians throughout the county. It was short 10 minute piece including a 15 piece jazz band, a 10 person gamelan group, 3 choirs, 2 bassists..(yes 2..) 2 drummers..yes 2… 4 acoustic guitarists, 2 electrics and 14 individual vocal artists. What an extraordinary experience.

I have also just finished a concurrent project with the BBC Concert Orchestra to produce a performance with young people with learning difficulties using iPad technology and sequencing software. Performance was at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield and was a joy to behold. It was a really ambitious and exciting project as some guys who had some pretty debilitating physical difficulties but with the iPad they can play a cello, viola ,violin…anything really. Pretty difficult though to watch the conductor! iPads aren’t great when it comes to feeling the notes! .. next year we may try and integrate a small webcam into the corner of the iPad with a cam trained on the conductor

Hawthorn Productions

Having just had the screening for a feature film I scored Devil’s Tower with Jason Mewes and Roxanne Pallet, it feels good to finally have the music out there. This week saw it’s US release and it is now out there on Virgin Movies which is great news.

Samplephonics , Leeds

Last month saw the release of a new Film Score construction pack I wrote for Samples and loops company Samplephonics. Really happy with the end result. Check out the excerpts below for a flavour.

Derby Theatre

Run has now finished for Derby Theatres main house youth theatre play The Chysalids by John Wyndham which I was given the job of scoring. Really exciting dark post apocalyptic world. Lots of really dark sounds using Uber-timestretch programmes to create some chilling tones. Best one so far being my freezer slowed down 8.37 times. Very spooky! Worked out great with some really good houses.

Just finished a great project for the Japanese embassy in Washington D.C.Loads of synths, lots of moods, Guitars aplenty and many edits. All in all a great project to be involved in. Tt was promoting the JET program in the US.