Angus Mcleod –  Composer 

Early Years – As founder of Chango Music Design, I know it sounds cliched but music has always been a huge part of my life.  From my early forays into  classical piano I quickly became a wannabe Ragtime pre-teen. Not long after I discovered the guitar and it has been central to my life ever since. After a few years busking through the hispanic world and discovering the joys of percussion and impromptu collaboration, I returned to Music college in the UK but still carrying in my heart much of the improvisational campfire vibes I’d come to love  abroad.

Education – Upon graduation from Confetti School of Creative Industries with a distinction in Music Production and Sound Recording,  I settled into writing bespoke music. This began with  businesses and local organizations, latterly moving onto a more national and international stage. Alongside  bespoke composition, I was a member Midlands band Brown gigging at clubs and festivals across the region whilst also enjoying enjoying many interesting collaborations – Ex-friendly, Different Frequencies, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Sello Mkosi, Pae Pae Mkemwa, Si Tew, Dj Shookz.  I also honed many of my ‘geek’ skills working as a music technology lecturer.

Studio Skills & Gear – Being from an acoustic background my studio is populated with a selection of stringed instruments, Bass, Guitars, Ukulele, Mandolin and a beautiful 100 year old Parisian upright. I love percussion of all varieties and have also been know to turn my lips to a didgeridoo should the brief so require.  The studio is equipped with a full Logic Pro / Ableton live digital setup. My preferred software includes most of the Tonehammer/ 8Dio libraries, Spitfire Albion, Cinejbrass, Symphonic sphere, Vienna Symphonic Library, Project Sam Symphobia, LASS, the Full Native Instruments Komplete package and The Spectrasonics trio of RMX, Trillian and Omnisphere. For the more Urban/Experimental pieces an old, lovely and slightly rusty Vintage Roland SH09 from 1971, a classic MPC 1000 my Beats  and a Nord lead 2 complete the lineup.

Whilst these are the traditional instruments of my studio, I also love creating and building my own instruments. I hunt out weird and wonderful noises, sample them and then using the technical expertise I’ve gained over the years, morph those sounds into something fantastic and unusual to fit whatever brief I might have for it. This means when there is room for experimentation within a brief, the sounds created inhabit their own unique and individual soundscape.