A piece I scored used for a BBC4 documentary Secret knowledge about London’s jewel trade

A selection of clips from a National Geographic Documentary we scored about the ‘Biggest Festival on Earth’ – the Kumbh Mela; held in Allahabad, Northern India, every 12 years.

A promo piece scored for Barclays Premier League

A couple of cues from recent feature film I scored  ‘Devil’s Tower’ starring Jason Mewes & Roxanne Pallet from Templeheart Films. Please be aware of graphic horror content!

A commercial scored for Jaguar China with Olympic fencing champion Zhong Man.


A short film scored for an interactive Facebook film for  REEBOK.


A pitch for a Special K Ad that almost made the cut!!

A short film pitched for a Hennessy Cognac Commercial for the US market.

A short film scored for a competition launched by PRADA


A classical piece commissioned by ‘Derbyshire Dance Artists Network’


Scored for the Elton john Foundation about AIDS in South Africa